August is a summer month in southern Sweden.
That means:
Air temperature: 20-25 °C
Water temperature: 18-20 °C
Normal days are sunny or cloudy. Some days are raining.

Sailing conditions:
The race area is in the bay of Laholm direct outside the harbour
Depth: 10-15 m
No obstacles (islands, grounds, shallow water) in the race area
No or light current
No tide
No commercial traffic
Wind shifts from day to day, normally 5-10 m/s
Main wind direction SW-NW
Winds from W and N give steady wind and nice waves
Winds from S and E give changing wind and flat water
A nice summer day will give a sea breeze in the afternoon from W-NW
Some weather conditions can give too much or too little wind. That usually only lasts for 1 day.